Sirloin at $9 anyone?

Celebrated the November babies (Edmund, Xuanya and Marshall) with a (pretty failed) Amazing Race, and we ended off the race with having a meal at WineBos located at Katong Village.

We were told by Caiyan that they served sirloin steaks at only $9+ from 6-9pm on weekends and I would say it is value for money with the standard of steak served.

I asked for my steak to be medium rare and I was delighted at how tender the beef felt in my mouth. Only thing that I wasn’t very pleased with was the gravy the accompanied the steak. It was a tad too salty and made me really thirsty. However, there was a generous portion of fries that made the meal a hearty one.

(Didn’t manage to take any pictures of the steak due to the poor lighting ): )

Some of them also ordered Brownies with Ice cream for only $5, and the warmth of the rich chocolate really put a sweet end to a satisfying meal.

There was also a live band for music-lovers, soccer channels for football fans, and also a rich selection of wines for the wine-connoisseur.


I’d give it at 3.5/5 (That’s pretty good in my standards I’d say :D)

Photo Credit: Shermagne


WineBos Katong

Katong Village, 86 East Coast Road


Tel: 63488098

Love, Vee


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