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Feliz Navidad with 12 Inch Pizzas and Records and Antoinette

Merry Christmas to everyone! (:

Spent a great Christmas a few days ago with Salvo at SJ’s place, had loads of fun and laughter and these people are really awesome 😀 ❤

Met up with my mini tension to visit two awesome places for lunch and dessert on Boxing Day 😀

12 Inch Pizzas and Records

Located in V Hotel, we were a little lost among the throng of people in the hotel since it was boxing day, but we managed to find our way through the crowd and settled ourselves in the restaurant.

We were the only customers when we were there, and with soft rock music playing in the background, it felt very cosy and we enjoyed the atmosphere a lot (: Loved the records they had on the wall 😀

We were then given the menu that looks awesome, for the record 😀

And while we were looking for the drinks menu, I didn’t realise we had to look inside the record!

The menu looks so cool hehe ^^

We made our choices really quickly as yours truly did some research beforehand and we decided which were the must-haves pretty quickly (:

First up, the appetizers!

Cheese Fries ($8.00++)

Buffalo Wings ($10.00++)

The cheese fries were great because there were cheese everywhere. You know how some places have cheese fries with only the top layer covered with cheese and the bottom becomes plain? Well the ones here have cheese inside as well, and it was heavenly! Only thing is that you’ve got to eat it really fast while it’s hot because it starts turning soggy once the cheese cools.

Loved Timbre’s Buffalo Wings which was an all-time favourite though I didn’t really get to try the blue cheese dip because I had a phobia D: Maybe next time :/

Lo and behold! The best of both worlds, with Timbre’s signature Roasted Duck Pizza topped with Hoisin Sauce and Pohpiah skin, and the Goodfellas! ($24.00++ for Half and Half)

Duck pizza was a good mix of savoury and sweet with the hoisin sauce, and I loved how thin the crust was (: Duck was tender, and I couldn’t stop pinching the pohpiah skin off the plate heh.

Goodfellas Pizza, was basically Cereal Prawns on a pizza crust. A little disappointing despite rave reviews, mainly due to the soggy cereal bits which were too sweet, and there were too little prawns. There were barely any spiciness as mentioned, so it was a tad bit disappointing ):

Service was so-so, we were the only patrons, but I had difficulties trying to locate a service staff because they seemed to be hiding behind their bar counters.

Still, I think it’s worth a try! (:

Verdict: 3.5/5

Address: Level 4, V Hotel (Turn out from Exit B from Lavender MRT and enter the hotel)

Tel:  6296 1622

Order Hotline: 6352 6266 (For delivery!-60-90 mins upon confirmation)

Operating hours : Monday to Sunday 12pm to 2:30pm & from 6pm to 10pm


We then set off to Antoinette nearby for dessert, loved the decor in the store, and look at what we ordered! ^^

Clockwise from the top:

Strawberry Shortcake ($9.00++)

Fluffy sponge cake, with light whipped cream and the slightly sour strawberries, it was delicious and it really hit the spot when you need a sweet fix.

Religieuse of Caramel with fleur de sel ($8.00++)

There was a fluffy tart covered with caramel, but I felt that it was a tad too sweet that it overpowered my senses. My advice would be to leave it for the last, or not have it in between other desserts as it would rob the sweetness of the desserts after.

Le Royale ($8.00++)

A great choice for a chocolate lover, and the wafer like thins in the cake provided great comfort for the chocolate based cake. The sponge was fluffy enough for my liking, and I enjoyed this so much! 😀

Antoinette ($9.00++)

The signature dessert, and my personal favourite 😀 Loved how the raspberry jam merged well with the fragrant earl grey after taste in the cake, and it was a very subtle flavour that left in my mouth even for a while after I had finished the cake. It’s definitely a must-have in Antoinette!

What impressed me was really the efficiency of the staff, as well as the decor and the other little details. Their toilets had a Victorian touch to it, and it was really pretty! Enjoyed my dine-in experience at Antoinette, and I’d advice you to try it someday (:

Verdict: 4/5

Address: 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188 and 3 other locations

Tel: 62933121

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10pm (Last order 9.30pm)
Friday and eve of public holidays – 11am to 11pm (Last order 10.30pm)
Saturday – 10am to 11pm (Last order 10.30pm)
Sunday and public holidays – 10am to 10pm (Last order 9.30pm)

Once again, Merry Christmas folks! ❤

Love, Vee!


EIP 2011

It’s been a great honour to be part of the Enterprise Internship Programme 2011 that was organised by SPRING Singapore, which involved getting students with good grades and learning attitudes to be able to be part of this programme as ambassadors of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

On the first day, I met my mentor, Ivy, alongside with my other Team members and we soon talked and opened up with one another pretty quickly (: Day 1 was spent with visiting 3 SMEs of different scopes, biotechnology incubator, F&B, and Finance Analytics. We heard of success stories, failures, and motivations behind the leaders of these companies and learnt a lot from them. Moving on, we had various sessions of leadership, people relations, learning about oneself and others, as well as team work.

All in all, I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and I really enjoyed the experience in being part of a group of driven people because everyone held on to a positive learning attitude and were always encouraging and moving forward in the different phases.

Despite the camp being over a weekend, I felt that I really learnt a lot from the camp, and I did enjoy my team, with a group of fantabulous ladies (: Thanks for being part of my team, and a little part of my life (:

Some photos

Credits to: Rohei (:

As we all listened intently to the stories of the owner of Zingrill, Mr Andrew.

We had tons of food every day 😀

Playing Ice-breakers to loosen up in between sessions (:

Playing the moat game and we completed the game in the above timing O:

From everyone of EIP 2011 ❤

Love, Vee ❤

Thanks to Yvef (:

Well to thank my dearest Yvef for publicizing my blog on hers, I think it’s only right to return the favour. 🙂

Click here to view her blog! 

Yvef’s always had a passion for beauty and the interesting idea that comes from her is that find things to accentuate what you already have, instead of hiding who you really are. She serves as an inspiration to me, and her blog’s really helps people who are make-up idiots like me.

She also generously hosts givesaways to readers and viewers of her Youtube Channel, JustYvettia, which already has generated many hits. As a personal friend, I am impressed by her success, and she’s one person that I do look up to because I hope that I can be, one day, write as well as she does already. 🙂

Love, Vee


Had lunch with M at Bakerzin yesterday because we needed to find somewhere nice for a meeting.

I always liked Bakerzin because of their free flow bread (I love my breads), but I can’t really say the same for the food.

M ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Rice ($12.90++)

And this is my Aglio Olio with Bacon and Ham ($12.90++)

I loved my Aglio Olio, pasta was al dante, the seasoning was perfect with the spicy kick from the chili padi, and the servings for the Bacon and Ham were adequate.

M on the other hand didn’t really like his rice, he said the chicken was overcooked, and not as tender.

One of the reasons that I will go back to Bakerzin? The free flow of bread. I love my bread yumyum 😀 And their bread is so fragrant that I cannot stop chomping on it!

I was impressed by their standard of service as it had improved since I last visited and the captain was friendly and approachable, which was something very different in my Bakerzin experience.

Felt it was a little overpriced at the quality of food though. They didn’t have any set meals on offer and hence we decided to stick to the mains since everything else was so expensive.

Verdict? Let’s just give it a 2.5/5 since I love their bread. ❤

Bakerzin @ Northpoint Shopping Centre


Operating Hours:

11.30am-10pm on weekdays, 11.30am-10.30pm on weekends

Love, Vee


Caught this movie with the bestie and her family and my sis!

I guess at the end of the movie, what we really felt was that this was a just-for-laughs movie that left people feeling good, and enjoying the impressive cameo cast in the movie.

Michelle’s Malaysian accent was rather close enough to the actual ones, but I have to say I was deeply impressed by Enlai’s accent! I guess he was a tad overshadowed by Michelle, but he was worth taking a look at!

And for people like me who like to look at cute guys, yes Alien Huang (Xiaogui) was a good enough eye candy as we see how dedicated he is to Michelle’s character, Ah Kiao in the movie.

I was just a little disappointed as the love story between Ah Kiao and Ah Seng could be developed a little further and better, instead of the slipshod ending that made me feel somewhat unsettled as it doesn’t close the movie well enough.

Looking for a good laugh? This movie is for you! (:

Verdict: 3/5

Love, Vee

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1

If I hadn’t been watching it since Twilight premiered, I would never have bothered watching this movie. Somehow the only motivating factor in making me go watch the movie, was to see how ridiculous it would turn out as a movie.

It was awkward to see how awkward Bella was as a Cullen. It was weird to not have Jacob stripping to show off his 6 packs except for the 1.5 seconds in the movie. I guess the only way that made this movie a little more value for money were the funny moments intertwined during the wedding and the honeymoon.

Don’t bother watching it if you have things better to do.

Verdict: 1.5/5

Love, Vee