Thanks to Yvef (:

Well to thank my dearest Yvef for publicizing my blog on hers, I think it’s only right to return the favour. 🙂

Click here to view her blog! 

Yvef’s always had a passion for beauty and the interesting idea that comes from her is that find things to accentuate what you already have, instead of hiding who you really are. She serves as an inspiration to me, and her blog’s really helps people who are make-up idiots like me.

She also generously hosts givesaways to readers and viewers of her Youtube Channel, JustYvettia, which already has generated many hits. As a personal friend, I am impressed by her success, and she’s one person that I do look up to because I hope that I can be, one day, write as well as she does already. 🙂

Love, Vee


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Yvef (:

  1. hey vee! ❤
    that's so sweet of you to mention my blog here too! ~ and oh, you're an amazing writer/blogger yourself too! i'm sure you'll get more than 200 followers in time to come 🙂 keep up the awesome posts! 😀

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