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Crashing Mom and Dad’s anniversary date!

27th Jan was my mom and dad’s 21st wedding anniversary, and they invited me to go along on a date with them because I had nothing to do on a Friday night. (sad eh? LOL.)

We went to watch We Not Naughty together (my treat as a little gift for them hehheh) after we decided that there was nothing better to do in Yishun haha.

Truth is, it was better than what I had expected from the typical Jack Neo movie, albeit the lousy editing. Front part of the movie was more or less confusing, but the underlying themes were brought out towards the end of the movie and it was pretty typical and funny! However I didn’t enjoy having Daniel Chan trying to speak in English, it sounded too unnatural. Loved the little boy who acted as Ah Bao too, he was too adorable to miss!

All in all, it is a pretty okay movie, suitable for the family and good laughs as well 😀 Do catch it if you’re looking for something for the whole family!

Verdict: 3/5

P.S: Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to Mom and Dad! ❤

Love, Vee!



Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! (:

This year was a fairly enjoyable Chinese New Year with visiting and catching up with relatives!


My mum, the awesome cook, prepared a spread for our reunion dinner at home, and I dare say, it’s so much better than eating out in restaurants because we just got to enjoy her really awesome-possum cooking 😀

Look at how much food there is for 5 people.

And the fish that she was really proud of. Looks restaurant-ish enough eh!


My favourite aunt on my dad’s side came for lunch as usual, and once again my mom displayed her prowess by cooking a spread like this again

Then it was off for visiting for the next few days! Just some pictures here and there! ^^

Me and the sister on our way for visiting (:

My dear niece, Shanice, who won’t let me go when she saw me ❤

Shanice’s portrait of me (:

My cousin’s cousin, he’s cute 😀

Shanice singing Karaoke off Oli’s phone heh.

Baby Esabelle who didn’t cry when I carried her (:

CNY Gathering with LTM at Des’ place (:

It has been a great CNY this year! And also not to forget our round-visiting to the houses of 6teen, and we really had a great time getting together! (:

Happy CNY to everyone out there, continue enjoying the remaining 6 days of CNY yeah! 😀

Love, Vee!

When it’s time to say goodbye.

Today officially marks the end of my last event in OMG.

This week had been an amazing week, I made new friends, hit it off so much with them, that it’s starting to be scary when I have to say goodbye now.

To my beautiful and amazing colleagues S and J, you girls have always been so awesome and have taught me so much. I really cannot imagine my internship without either of you because you all made such a huge difference in my life (as an intern).

It’s only a few more days till I officially end my internship in OMG, but as we end the last event, I will be clearing my leave and I will only go back on the last day from now onwards (except for Monday). It’s quite amazing how my feelings for this place can change so much over the past few months, and I really am going to miss them so much.

To everyone that made my internship life amazing, thank you for making a difference, I will not forget everyone of you that helped me, and taught me something important in my life.


Love, Vee

It’s the New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! 😀

Spent countdown with Salvo at Marina Square (yet again) and watched the brilliant fireworks light up the sky! Somehow it is always a tradition and no matter what we do, it is always the company that matters ❤

Met up with R for Mission Impossible 4 in IMAX, silly me thought that it was supposed to be IMAX 3D, only to realise that IMAX also have 2D films. In actual fact, IMAX really does look better and clearer than usual films and it was a good thing that I didn’t waste my money on purchasing the IMAX tickets 😛

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the 4th Installation of the Mission Impossible series, and Tom Cruise had undergone a huge transformation since the last film, from dedicated lover, to an unkempt and brooding agent. The team of Benji, Jane and Brandt with Ethan Hunt was slightly mismatched, and truth to be told, I really enjoyed the movie.

It was so exciting that I couldn’t stop bobbing with excitement throughout the movie and exclaimed super loudly during the exciting moments! If you’re an action movie junkie, I think you’d enjoy the action sequence in this movie! The background of the movie was also stunning and it is really a great start to the year! 😀

Verdict: 4/5

And we proceeded to Wild Honey for dinner, yes we had breakfast for dinner 😀

Loved how quiet it was at the Scotts Square outlet, I guess it’s because more people knew of the outlet at Mandarin Gallery.

Heh it was an easy choice for me since I kinda knew what I want! Eggs are a must hehe ^^

R ordered an Iced Caramel Latte, and me, I had a Chilean Rose Hip Organic Tea. Loved the tea, cleared the palate nicely with its fragrant aftertaste, R complained that his latte was too sweet and had too little milk. Heh, that’s why I always stick to Starbucks 😛

Iced Caramel Latte ($6.00++)

Chilean Rose Hip Organic Tea ($6.00++)

And our orders cameeee!

Califonian Breakfast ($18.00++)

English Breakfast ($22.00++)

Guess who ordered the larger portion? Hiakhiak^^

Anyway, the califonian was like a huge omelette laid over a crispy toast, fried with capsicums and mushrooms. Not to my liking since I don’t like capsicums. :/

Loved the English, even though the portion was so huge! Scrambled eggs, sauteed potatoes and mushrooms, with back bacon and pork sausage, Dad’s baked beans and bread, it was indeed a hearty meal and I couldn’t finish it on my own! However it was pretty salty but the eggs balanced it pretty well.

I really want to come back again! 😀 and perhaps try the other breakfast? Yumyum!

Verdict: 4/5


Scotts Square 6 Scott’s Road, Level 3 (And the other outlet at Mandarin Gallery!)

Tel: 66361816

Operating Hours: 9.00am-10.30pm

Love, Vee! ^^

P.S: Happy New Year once again! 😀