When it’s time to say goodbye.

Today officially marks the end of my last event in OMG.

This week had been an amazing week, I made new friends, hit it off so much with them, that it’s starting to be scary when I have to say goodbye now.

To my beautiful and amazing colleagues S and J, you girls have always been so awesome and have taught me so much. I really cannot imagine my internship without either of you because you all made such a huge difference in my life (as an intern).

It’s only a few more days till I officially end my internship in OMG, but as we end the last event, I will be clearing my leave and I will only go back on the last day from now onwards (except for Monday). It’s quite amazing how my feelings for this place can change so much over the past few months, and I really am going to miss them so much.

To everyone that made my internship life amazing, thank you for making a difference, I will not forget everyone of you that helped me, and taught me something important in my life.


Love, Vee


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