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In Need Of Sleep!

Haven’t been blogging for a month because I had been really busy throughout the past month with work, and followed by CCA training for a  week straight already.

Work for the Global Leadership Conference was really a fulfilling and fun experience because we had really nice clients who ensured that our benefits and welfare were taken care of, and they were friendly people as well! Met some new friends throughout the seven days at work, which I’m sure we’d meet again in future events if there’s an opportunity! (: It was also nice working with the Salvo people, which made the entire working experience even more amazing (:

For now, I have ended my first week of CCA training, which will be more intense in the next two weeks for our concert on 23rd March! I am currently covered in bruises from all the bumping into the drums, and my limbs are aching so badly! But I really am looking forward to our concert, as it will be the performance that marks the end of my three year journey in Salvo.

I am going to publicise for my concert again! It will be on 23rd March, 7.30pm at TP’s Auditorium 1! (: Tickets going at only $8! If you’re reading this, please try to come for the concert, I promise it would be something different from any concerts you have ever been to! (: