8 Essential Qualities For A Best Friend

Thought Catalog

1. They don’t judge you.

There are certain life choices we all make which, outside of our own perception, must seem fucking insane. We go out on a whim and get a tattoo of Sonic The Hedgehog across the better part of our chest along with a smattering of genital piercings. Some people would judge that shit, and swiftly. But not your good best friend. This is the person who literally sees whatever you’re doing and thinks, “Is this hurting them or someone else in any way?” When the answer clearly presents itself as “No,” they don’t care. They just don’t. And as obvious a response as this should be to the benign life choices of others, it’s surprisingly hard to execute in practice. If you can find someone who genuinely does not judge you for things you choose to do in life, you hold onto that person with a…

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