My Bucket List

Inspired by this tumblr, I have decided to come up with my bucket list:



Flying Fox

Jet Ski

Night Cycle

Learn to Ski

Buy a random flight ticket

Travel alone

Have a penpal

Meet a penpal in his/her country

Explore a foreign city without a map

Meet a stranger and become friends in a foreign city

Go on a road trip

Try snorkeling


Be asked for a prom/ball

A baking date

A picnic date

A beach date

A carnival date

A mosh pit date

Be treated with a breakfast in bed


Be a bridesmaid

Plan my bestfriend’s wedding

Go for a moshpit concert

See Yellowcard in concert

See OneRepublic in concert

See Simple Plan in concert

See Mayday in concert

Perform in theatre again

Be able to perform again

Watch a sunrise at a beach

Watch a sunset at a beach

Lie under the stars at a beach


Perfect a cupcake recipe

Bake a cake for my loved ones

Make the perfect scrambled egg

Make the perfect poached egg

Cook for people I love

Bake for charity


Be a wedding planner

Scoop Ice Cream


Be a zookeeper

Host a wedding


Be a florist

Sell balloons


Work in a theatre

Work for a film company

Be a calafare

Appear on television (for all the right reasons, of course)


Pastry Chef

Volunteer for a Charity organisation


Learn conversational Japanese

Learn conversational French

Learn how to Swim

Learn to rollerblade

Learn to play the guitar

Learn to play the ukulele

Learn to drive


Have a Valentine’s date

Kiss on New Year’s Day

Celebrate anniversaries

Be surprised with a bouquet

Have a surprise date

To Own


A polaroid

A Holga camera

A bunny

A puppy

A kitten

A guinea pig

A hamster

My own apartment

My own car

Whole collection of Jodi Picoult books

Whole adults collection of Harry Potter

Full DVD Set of Harry Potter movies

A huge collection of shoes

A huge collection of pretty nail polish

A walk in-wardrobe


Backpack in Europe

Visit Disneyland

Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Visit Toy Story theme park

Visit Norway for the Northern Lights

Visit Provence

Visit Paris

Visit Prague

Visit Greece

Visit Hokkaido

Visit Bangkok

Visit Bintan

Visit Bali

Visit Taiwan

Visit Maldives

Visit Venice

Visit Italy

Volunteer overseas for at least two weeks

updated: 15/09/2012

Love, Vee

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