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It’s the land of Sawadee!~ PART I

After months and months of waiting, my baby J and I finally embarked on our first overseas trip together, to Bangkok! πŸ˜€

We got the trip at a really good price, at only $379 NETT, inclusive of accommodation, flights, transfers, taxes, and an optional complimentary half day city tour (which we did not go for) from http://www.deal.com.sg. In comparison, we saved a few hundreds from the airfare and taxes, making our trip a lot cheaper, and more ka-chings to shop with!

I think a question many may want to ask is the credibility of such deal websites, whether they are trustworthy, or just plain scams. Personally, I have purchased a few times from http://www.deal.com.sg and Plus! Deals, which I find to be very reliable. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, and call the service provider if you have any doubts! (:

I digress. Anyway, a very excited J and I then headed to the airport with a quarter-filled luggage, no insurance, and a whole lot of excitement! :>Okay and some fears because silly us forgot to buy our insurance, so we were pretty afraid that something may just happen to us 😑

Bangkok… is pretty much like Singapore. In terms of the weather at least. When we touched down, it just stopped raining and boy, was it humid! Our friendly tour guide (who picked us up from the airport to transfer to the hotel) informed us that the weather would go up to a whopping 40 degrees! D:

Our hotel, P2 Boutique Hotel was a mere 10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall (!!!) and Pratunam Wholesale Centre, and so since we had 2 hours more to closing, J and I decided to head down to do some shopping on the first day! Oh and our hotel room was really nice, it was adequate, comfy and of course, the accessibility to the shopping areas!

Pratunam Wholesale Centre is a good place to buy souvenirs, such as handmade bracelets, thailand singlets, accessories and sunnies, I bought a pretty sunhat for only 150baht (S$6) ^^whereas J bought a cute bowhat!

I also bought 2 pairs of sunnies and Thailand singlets which were uber comfy! Loved the shopping so much! And ofcourse, we headed over to Platinum and got a few loots as well! My rainbow maxi whee!

Oh and as we walked back from Platinum Mall, there were street stalls that were selling food, clothes, accessories and all sorts of stuff, so it was fun purchasing the yummeh BBQ food, and also shopping along the streets!

And we also bought a lot of stuffs from 7-eleven especially the stuff that made me uber excited πŸ˜€

Love the yakult cos it was twice as big as the ones sold in Singapore! Well, that sort of concludes my Day 1’s journey!

Day 2: MBK and Platinum Mall

We decided to head down to MBK by walking, (which was a bad choice because of the terribly humid weather, and the incredibly long distance) which took us around 1 hour, but we managed to absorb the sights of Bangkok streets.

We were super excited when we finally saw MBK!

I was reading online prior to the trip that you could go to the information counter to obtain a Tourist Pass for discounts at selected stores, just make sure they have a sign at the outside at the store to make sure they are participating outlets which provides discounts for their goods!

Well, there was nothing much for MBK, unless you’re looking for electronics or imitations, for which they do have imitations of really good quality! Helped R purchase a Burberry Wallet of a pretty good quality, and also bought imitation Birkenstocks which were rather comfy. MBK also has quite a lot of art galleries, which allow you to do pencil sketching at good prices, so if you’re interested, you can go take a look, however they take around 2 days to be ready. We did the sketching for a friend, so we had to go back to MBK on our last day!

And we decided to head to Platinum for more shopping, and we were smarter this time, we decided to take the train back! Their train cards are the ones that Singapore used to have, so it was pretty nostalgic for me!

On the way to Platinum, we picked up some of these yummy ice-blended bubble teas and they were only 10baht (S$0.40). We slurpped them a little too quickly because it was too hot!

Part 2, Day 2: We went to Platinum and had lunch first at their food court which provided a huge variety of food. You had to purchase a card in order to buy the food, and I loved the Phad Thai!

And this soup was super yummy heh.

and oh boy we were awed by how big it was! Just imagine Bugis Street, bigger, with air conditioning. There were a lot and a lot of things to buy there, J and I couldn’t resist all that shopping!

And our dinner of the day, was BBQ street food as usual, with hotdogs from 7-eleven!

And… the 800ml Yakult! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

And did I ever mention how nice MAMA noodles taste? They taste really different from the Tomyum noodles in Singapore!

After a burp-worthy dinner, well J and I needed our well-deserved rest for our remaining two days! :>

To be continued…

Love, Vee! ❀