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Change is the only Constant.

Disclaimer: This is just my thoughts about life now, I am not emo-ing, just doing a lot of thinking (:

I think it’s a period of time where everyone is starting to face the changes in their lives at this stage. As teenagers, or soon-to-be-adults, there are so many things that are about to change. Our education, our social life, our relationships, our commitments, there are so many things that are about to unfold before us, and there are many choices to make, and these choices may very well affect the rest of our lives at this point in our lives.

Take for example, university choices. It’s one of the biggest things that terrifies me now, because I cannot see where I will be in a few months’ time. In the past, I was able to project myself in a future environment because I can confidently decide where I will end up, and that is where my destination will be. However, I lost that confidence now, and I am not sure if I can move on in my ideal life that I have set for myself.

Another example, would be my friends I have now. We are all meeting other people in our own fields and environment that we are living in, and sometimes, when changes do arise, it is an all new definition of accepting and adapting, before getting used to it, before the cycle repeats itself, and it’s another round of adapting to the change again.

At the end of the day, I definitely hope that change is for the better, for myself, and for everyone around me. I may not be able to take charge of changes, but I can definitely take charge of my emotions at least. It is difficult, but it’s all in the learning process of growing up. I am still trying, and I guess I just need more time.

To everyone coping with change, I hope you are adapting well, and may whatever that comes along be for the better.

Love, Vee (: