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Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! (:

This year was a fairly enjoyable Chinese New Year with visiting and catching up with relatives!


My mum, the awesome cook, prepared a spread for our reunion dinner at home, and I dare say, it’s so much better than eating out in restaurants because we just got to enjoy her really awesome-possum cooking 😀

Look at how much food there is for 5 people.

And the fish that she was really proud of. Looks restaurant-ish enough eh!


My favourite aunt on my dad’s side came for lunch as usual, and once again my mom displayed her prowess by cooking a spread like this again

Then it was off for visiting for the next few days! Just some pictures here and there! ^^

Me and the sister on our way for visiting (:

My dear niece, Shanice, who won’t let me go when she saw me ❤

Shanice’s portrait of me (:

My cousin’s cousin, he’s cute 😀

Shanice singing Karaoke off Oli’s phone heh.

Baby Esabelle who didn’t cry when I carried her (:

CNY Gathering with LTM at Des’ place (:

It has been a great CNY this year! And also not to forget our round-visiting to the houses of 6teen, and we really had a great time getting together! (:

Happy CNY to everyone out there, continue enjoying the remaining 6 days of CNY yeah! 😀

Love, Vee!