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EIP 2011

It’s been a great honour to be part of the Enterprise Internship Programme 2011 that was organised by SPRING Singapore, which involved getting students with good grades and learning attitudes to be able to be part of this programme as ambassadors of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

On the first day, I met my mentor, Ivy, alongside with my other Team members and we soon talked and opened up with one another pretty quickly (: Day 1 was spent with visiting 3 SMEs of different scopes, biotechnology incubator, F&B, and Finance Analytics. We heard of success stories, failures, and motivations behind the leaders of these companies and learnt a lot from them. Moving on, we had various sessions of leadership, people relations, learning about oneself and others, as well as team work.

All in all, I made new friends, reconnected with old friends, and I really enjoyed the experience in being part of a group of driven people because everyone held on to a positive learning attitude and were always encouraging and moving forward in the different phases.

Despite the camp being over a weekend, I felt that I really learnt a lot from the camp, and I did enjoy my team, with a group of fantabulous ladies (: Thanks for being part of my team, and a little part of my life (:

Some photos

Credits to: Rohei (:

As we all listened intently to the stories of the owner of Zingrill, Mr Andrew.

We had tons of food every day 😀

Playing Ice-breakers to loosen up in between sessions (:

Playing the moat game and we completed the game in the above timing O:

From everyone of EIP 2011 ❤

Love, Vee ❤