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Impromptu getaway with the Mom!

Sorry for the short hiatus, my research paper has been driving me crazy and left me with little time to blog and here I am with my little escapades with everyone! (:

Mom decided to take me to Malaysia with her for this annual praying trip that she goes to since my dad wasn’t feeling too good and Mom wanted some company. So… chucking my research paper aside, I agreed to go on the trip with her for some mother-daughter bonding and a tiny getaway!

Okay so the bulk of the trip was spent on the coach sleeping, but while we were off the coach, it was nice to catch a little rustic part of Malaysia!

First Stop: At this market area off JB!

These dogs were really circling me around and they were really friendly and cute! Heh (:

And of course, some fresh durians which were finger-licking good ^^

Second Stop: Malacca’s Lim Kee Claypot BKT!

I didn’t manage to catch any pictures of the BKT because I was too hungry and forgot to take pictures -.- Oh wells, but I loved the BKT because its meat fell off the bones easily as they were really tender, and the soup was sweet and rich from all the goodness of the herbs.

3rd Stop: Jonker Walk at Malacca

I don’t think we do see this around in Singapore, but this is a stone carving industry in Malaysia, and the whole layout looks like a setting from an ancient street you see in Chinese period dramas! Too bad we were there too early and couldn’t see more :/

And of course, a nice little cuppa Hainanese (did I mention that I am a Hainanese? heh.) coffee in a real rustic coffee shop (:

And with that, I conclude the end of my teeny-weeny getaway to Malaysia, and I can’t wait for more escapades hehheh (:


Crashing Mom and Dad’s anniversary date!

27th Jan was my mom and dad’s 21st wedding anniversary, and they invited me to go along on a date with them because I had nothing to do on a Friday night. (sad eh? LOL.)

We went to watch We Not Naughty together (my treat as a little gift for them hehheh) after we decided that there was nothing better to do in Yishun haha.

Truth is, it was better than what I had expected from the typical Jack Neo movie, albeit the lousy editing. Front part of the movie was more or less confusing, but the underlying themes were brought out towards the end of the movie and it was pretty typical and funny! However I didn’t enjoy having Daniel Chan trying to speak in English, it sounded too unnatural. Loved the little boy who acted as Ah Bao too, he was too adorable to miss!

All in all, it is a pretty okay movie, suitable for the family and good laughs as well 😀 Do catch it if you’re looking for something for the whole family!

Verdict: 3/5

P.S: Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary to Mom and Dad! ❤

Love, Vee!