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Graduation Night 2011-111111

It’s an overdue post with Graduation Night 2011-Hollywood Glamour! Held on the special day of 11-11-11, P6s were treated like superstars in a Hollywood setting!

Five months of preparation were finally put into action in bringing to the P6s of NLPS a night they would remember.

It was hectic, it was insane, many things cropped up, but ultimately the P6s did enjoy themselves, and we only have them to thank in order to make the event such an amazing one for them.

Despite organisational difficulties and challenges, I am glad that the organising committee all learnt something, and it is these experiences that will be brought over to future graduation nights to come. Till Graduation Night 2012 comes, enjoy these pictures! (:

Photo credit: Edmund Koh, Felicia Lee

Decorating for the event…

Our beloved Principal Mr Teoh making his speech

The emcees who made the night awesome!

Our best dressed gentlemen finalists!

Our best dressed ladies finalists!

This is the man behind the event.

And of course there’s the always busy lady behind the scenes.

Love, Vee