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Once upon a Twelfth Night

I have always been an avid fan of Shakespeare in the Park ever since I watched A Midsummer’s Night Dream by Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) in Sec 3 for a Literature field trip. After Macbeth last year, I managed to catch this year’s production: Twelfth Night.

For those not familiar with the story, to make it simpler, refer to the movie She’s the Man if you have watched it before! Otherwise, the plot of the original Shakespeare play: Twelfth Night.

One thing to note about SRT is that they often inject humour and “Singaporean” flavours into the play to engage the audience. It helps to facilitate the understanding of the play, and also a deeper insight into Literature for people who may not be very familiar with Shakespearean English.

I have to say, I was totally mesmerised by Adrian Pang’s performance of Feste, who livened the entire play with his crazy antics. I was particularly amused by Daniel Jenkins’ role of Malvolio, who provided to core comic relief to the play.

Also, Shakespeare in the Park also provides a great setting for a night picnic under the stars whilst enjoying the play! I loved the set particularly this year, I guessed it was the nicest set I have ever seen in the 3 productions I attended.

Oh and look at the barang barang other people brought!

People were really armed with stools, brollies, picnic baskets, repellent and all! I’d recommend bringing a poncho though, with the erratic weather Singapore’s been having. I got caught in the rain without one! ):

If you’d like to try watching a Shakespearean play production, I would say Twelfth Night is a good show to start with as it is a comedy, and the story is not complicated to understand. At the end of the day, Twelfth Night will leave you reeling with laughter, and ensuring an enjoyable night, to you and your companions (:

Shows run until 20th May (Sunday), grab your tickets if you haven’t! (:

Love, Vee!


Newbie to cycling!

Yes it is amazing that at my age, I don’t know how to cycle! Well it can’t be helped that my cousin decided to push me into a drain while attempting to teach me cycling when I was like, 8? I was literally scarred for life emotionally!

Well, so due to an event coming up this Sunday, I decided that it would be a good idea to take up cycling so that I can save myself from walking long distances in Sentosa. Thanks to the always ‘steady’ Salvo people, we met up at Pasir Ris Park to do some cycling.

Weather has been erratic for the entire month, but thank goodness it was bright and sunny yesterday, which made cycling a fun affair. So, newbie Jessica and I were brought to the “training grounds” and our drilling began…

Voila! We managed to learn how to cycle in a straight line, and eventually we got the hang of it and ventured out further into Pasir Ris Park. Got into a few minor accidents here and there, but I escaped unscathed. It was pretty awesome cycling against the breeze and it kind of made me regret why didn’t I take up cycling earlier.

Random picture with Zing (:

Replenishing the liquids because it was so hot!

Despite the sunburns and the aching body, now I am proud to say, I can cycle now! 😀

Love, Vee