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Today, I came across an article on Facebook, and somehow I was extremely enraged at what I read.

In summary: This young lady posted an insensitive comment of  ‘Singaporeans too weak? LOL’ at an article shared by her friend over the death of an NS men during his training.

Read the full story here: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/singapore-girl-laughs-at-nsf-who-died-during-training-singaporeans-too-weak-lol/

Following this post, I also read her apology after being flamed by many on cyberspace for her insensitivity. She apologised for her comment, and explained that she did not read the article carefully, and did not mean her comments literally.

Read te full story here: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/zheng-huiting-apologizes-for-making-insensitive-remarks-on-death-of-nsf-lee-ruifeng-during-training-in-lim-chu-kang/

Honestly? I think her apology was really a load of crap. I know she has been flamed by many people online already, but I really have some things to say about her apology.

First of all, when she saw the article, I was sure she had read the heading of the article which read: ‘NSF dies after taking part in training exercise’  before making her comment. The headline had spelled out clearly that it was no laughing matter. Even if that was all that she had read, she had no point making that senseless comment.

The irony here was that her boyfriend was a NS man as well. Then shouldn’t she realise how fortunate she is? To all the people that one leaves behind upon leaving this world, the pain is difficult to erase, no matter the amount of time. With such comment being made, doesn’t she realise that she is adding salt to the wound?

Then next, she said that she did not mean her words literally. In my point of view, I really cannot see what other ways she could have meant with the four words posted in that comment. Maybe it is my poor interpretation, but I was pretty sure she meant what she typed.

I think I was somehow affected by this incident mainly due to the fact that I had many friends who knew the man who passed away personally. Also, I have many friends who are currently serving the NS, and there is no way I would want to see such things happening to anyone that I know.

Everyone would have their moments of insensitivity, but this? She really doesn’t have a valid excuse for what she had said, and the people that she have hurt.

I sincerely hope she have learnt her lesson and know when to hold her tongue (or her fingers in this case) when necessary.

P.S: Her grammar in the apology post sucks. (Sorry I’m a grammar nazi)

Love, Vee.


mother and daughters bonding

no i am not talking about my mom. im talking about hanging out with my babygirls (:

so after a super long time of not meeting up, we finally met up (it’s my fault for being a busybee in march!) and we decided to go partyworld cos of this really great deal Hoho found on Groupon and it comes with free tidbits and drinks and all! Then we went to Strictly Pancakes for some awesome pancake lovin’ which left us with a full and happy belly ^^ (No pictures today because my camera’s photos got corrupted again 😦 looks like it’s time for a new camera, and no reviews for awhile ><)

there are so many things i thank you girls for. for being there for me, for standing up for me, for encouraging me, and most important, for not leaving me when i needed you girls most. really am looking forward to our outings in the future! you girls are one of the most awesome things that ever happened to me in HTM (: ❤

Love, Vee

End of Month Long Hiatus! ^^

Back from the hiatus after all the crazy schedule and stuff in my life!

So now, I am settling into my new job as an admin assistant/facilitator in a training consultancy, as well as going back to salvo (AS AN ALUMNI T.T) whenever I can. A pretty relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle I must say, just feeling a tad bit aimless.

Still, I am crossing my fingers about my university applications, and meanwhile, just trying not to think too much about it, and enjoying my life now (:

Gonna update about my escapades soon, when I am less broke, heehee! ^^

Love, Vee (:

In Need Of Sleep!

Haven’t been blogging for a month because I had been really busy throughout the past month with work, and followed by CCA training for a  week straight already.

Work for the Global Leadership Conference was really a fulfilling and fun experience because we had really nice clients who ensured that our benefits and welfare were taken care of, and they were friendly people as well! Met some new friends throughout the seven days at work, which I’m sure we’d meet again in future events if there’s an opportunity! (: It was also nice working with the Salvo people, which made the entire working experience even more amazing (:

For now, I have ended my first week of CCA training, which will be more intense in the next two weeks for our concert on 23rd March! I am currently covered in bruises from all the bumping into the drums, and my limbs are aching so badly! But I really am looking forward to our concert, as it will be the performance that marks the end of my three year journey in Salvo.

I am going to publicise for my concert again! It will be on 23rd March, 7.30pm at TP’s Auditorium 1! (: Tickets going at only $8! If you’re reading this, please try to come for the concert, I promise it would be something different from any concerts you have ever been to! (:

Random Meet Ups!

So, throughout the past few days, I have been meeting up with a lot of people as I have been quite free after my submission, and I am happy to have caught up with a couple of people, such as S, MJ and also people from my past workplace!

I think the ultimate point of meeting up is really to catch up on how each other’s lives are going on, and when we reminisce about the past, you do realise that both parties do still treasure the times that we have had, and I think that is absolutely heartwarming.

I guess this month had been a month of revelation, and ultimately I need to know who are the ones I need to hold dear to, and for those people that I met up with, I am glad that they chose to have stayed in my life, and that’s what matters.

Happy Valentine’s Day-Part 2

Hello there again! So for part two of my Valentine’s Day (which I celebrated on the day after), I submitted my research paper in school! Yay the feeling is extremely exilerating! ^^

And then, I met up with two of my favourite people in the world: YM and M! ^^

So as our dear YM is stuck all the way in in Pulau NTU, M and I took the train down to Boon Lay to meet that girl haha 😀

Took us a really long time to decide on having Thai Express hahaha, and I think I really should give Thai Express some credit, I didn’t realise how yummy Thai food can be. I always had an aversion to Thai food and I decided to give it a try heh (:

So, I always liked clear tom yum, and ordered for myself a Clear Tom Yum Hor Fun! (no photos again because of the memory card :<) It looked really harmless with the clear tom yum gravy, but the spicy kick was really strong and left a strong flavour after the meal. I think it’s going to be my new favourite Thai food from Thai Express now haha 😀

And the ravenous trio continued on with HK desserts at Ji De Chi at the Market Place in JP and they have my favourite Yam Paste! ^^

It wasn’t too sweet, and the portion just right, just the way I like it (:

And with all the catch ups and all, it was time to say byebye because the silly girl had a presentation the next day ):

Love you babe! ❤

Thai Express:

64 Jurong West Central 3
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648331
Tel: +65-6861 0167

Operating Hour:
Daily: 11.30am to 10.30pm
Last order at 10pm

Ji De Chi:

63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-102/103/104 Jurong Point Shopping CentreSingapore

Tel: +65 6794 8887

Opening Hours


11am – 10pm
And this concludes my Valentine’s date with the three important groups of people in my life ❤

Signing Off,

Love, Vee ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day-Part 1

Hello there, how did you spend your Valentine’s Day? (:

I spent 3 days with 3 different people for Vday meetups and I missed them so much!

Meetup #1: Wifey J!

Caught up with her before I went to Malaysia, and we went to Cafe Cartel because we really love the food there! So, for the two of us, we shared an Oriental Chicken Salad, with Herb and Vinaigrette Dressing (for her) and Thousand Island Dressing (for me), with a St Louis Baby Pork Ribs, and topped it up with a Soup of The Day, Garlic Bread and Drinks! It came up to $34.40 after GST for us, and I guessed it was a good deal because it was really filling (:

Oriental Chicken Salad ($11.80++)

St Louis Baby Pork Ribs ($14.80++)

And you just have to top up another $3.90++ for the soup, bread and drink, quite a deal eh? (:

I loved the salad because they were absolutely fresh and yummy with the sesame dressing for the chicken, and the ribs were cooked such that the meat separated easily from the bones. Succulent meat and the tangy dressing made the meal a really satisfying one!

These two items made up the must-eats in Cafe Cartel, do try these two items if you’re going there! 😀

And presenting to you, my pretty Wifey! ^^

Meetup #2: baby J!

Met up with baby J at Cartel again hahah! It was a last minute decision and we just decided to pop in there without any reason haha. So I was trying to decide what to eat, and decided on a Pan Fried Linguine (no photos because my Memory Card was corrupted 😥 gahh) with the top up again.

The linguine was basically similar to an aglio olio with sauteed mushrooms and succulent chicken, and I liked it pretty much! However, nothing still beats the pork ribs heh!

Spent the hour with baby J as my Valentine’s before heading home to continue my date with my research paper! (: Love you girl, and thanks for the present!

The Cafe Cartel at Yishun 10, Golden Village

51 Yishun Central 1 #01-04

Yishun 10 S768794

Tel: 65557550

Operating Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 11.30am-11.30pm

Fri/Eve of PH: 11.30am-12.30am

Sat: 8.30am-12.30am

Sun: 8.30am-11.30pm

That’s it, I’m signing off for my Part 1 of Vday! Stay tuned for Part Two ^^

Love, Vee!