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Titanic Exhibition

Excited to have managed to catch the Titanic exhibition before it ends this Sunday with the Salvo people on Monday (:

So first of all, I was super awed by the extensive amount of information, from the pre-building to its sinking. The exhibits were amazing too, with actual artefacts and reconstructed areas of the ship. For one moment, I did feel as if I were in Titanic.

There was a particular section that made me feel exceptionally close to my heart, which was the reconstructed deck with the night sky. The temperature was set to be a little lower than the other areas, to reenact the cold the night Titanic sank, and it was really awesome to see all the ‘twinkling stars’ in the ‘night sky’.

We also had a passenger card which at the end of the exhibition, we would find out if we died or survived. So I was a celebrated novelist with a husband and two kids, and I was on the way home with my husband, and stayed in the first class cabins. Sounds pretty posh eh?

Well, I survived, but my ‘husband’ died 😦 I was reading some of the last words that were told by the passengers, and I realised one of the quotes was by my ‘husband’ who said: “Go, it’s your last chance.”

When I read that, I guess the whole love story between Jack and Rose was really a combination of all the true representations of love that night the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic sank. The people who sacrificed for the love of their lives, they never really die, after all.

We also caught a screening called “Ghost of the Abyss” for an additional $5, I’d say don’t bother. The documentary was pretty boring, and I guess you can always find more informative and entertaining documentaries online easily!

Well, and MBS is always a great place to take some beautiful shots 😀

Tomorrow will be last day of the exhibition, hope you’d have had the chance to take a peek at the beautiful history of the unsinkable Titanic ❤

Love, Vee


Long time no see, my friends.

Finally got the chance to meet up with the tension girls over dinner on Friday, and at the same time I was able to satisfy my ramen craving at Ramen Play @ Junction 8!

Ordered a Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen, I love my ramen spicy and soupy, absolutely delish and it definitely hit all the right spots! 😀

Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen $10.90++

They even have the tamago (the braised egg) with a slight runny centre, exactly the way I like it 😀 The soup base was rich yet non over-powering, and the noodles were really bouncy too! I think I found my new favourite ramen heehee 😀

And you should totally ask the waiters for the chilli chives, they really add an extra kick to the meal and a good company to the ramen! The waiters are all really chirpy and polite, it was genuinely a good dining experience (:

Verdict: 4/5

RamenPlay @ Junction 8

9 Bishan Place #01-51
Singapore 579837

Tel: 6258 2661
11am – 10.30pm daily

Well, spent the day catching up with the tension girls at the roof garden, and yeah, it was lovely just hanging around saying stupid stuff. love you all so much ❤

And then it was airport day on sunday, picking up C and SJ respectively since they were both coming back on the same day!

It reads, 2LT Ong Sheng Jie Clement with a Dog and a Badge hahahahha 😛

And of course, my wifey J and A who came down to pick HT up!

Finally got to see C after 7 months in UK! Hehehe, glad he liked the hum chim peng I bought  😀

Then we also drew some awesome doodles while picking SJ up…

Hehheh, happy to see so many people over the weekend (: And happy that everyone came home, safe and sound (:

P.S: Yay cute soldier bear and tons of postcards from Europe from C! Thank you soooooo much! ❤

Alright, tata for now, byebye 😀

Love, Vee~

Sirloin at $9 anyone?

Celebrated the November babies (Edmund, Xuanya and Marshall) with a (pretty failed) Amazing Race, and we ended off the race with having a meal at WineBos located at Katong Village.

We were told by Caiyan that they served sirloin steaks at only $9+ from 6-9pm on weekends and I would say it is value for money with the standard of steak served.

I asked for my steak to be medium rare and I was delighted at how tender the beef felt in my mouth. Only thing that I wasn’t very pleased with was the gravy the accompanied the steak. It was a tad too salty and made me really thirsty. However, there was a generous portion of fries that made the meal a hearty one.

(Didn’t manage to take any pictures of the steak due to the poor lighting ): )

Some of them also ordered Brownies with Ice cream for only $5, and the warmth of the rich chocolate really put a sweet end to a satisfying meal.

There was also a live band for music-lovers, soccer channels for football fans, and also a rich selection of wines for the wine-connoisseur.


I’d give it at 3.5/5 (That’s pretty good in my standards I’d say :D)

Photo Credit: Shermagne


WineBos Katong

Katong Village, 86 East Coast Road


Tel: 63488098

Love, Vee

Newbie to cycling!

Yes it is amazing that at my age, I don’t know how to cycle! Well it can’t be helped that my cousin decided to push me into a drain while attempting to teach me cycling when I was like, 8? I was literally scarred for life emotionally!

Well, so due to an event coming up this Sunday, I decided that it would be a good idea to take up cycling so that I can save myself from walking long distances in Sentosa. Thanks to the always ‘steady’ Salvo people, we met up at Pasir Ris Park to do some cycling.

Weather has been erratic for the entire month, but thank goodness it was bright and sunny yesterday, which made cycling a fun affair. So, newbie Jessica and I were brought to the “training grounds” and our drilling began…

Voila! We managed to learn how to cycle in a straight line, and eventually we got the hang of it and ventured out further into Pasir Ris Park. Got into a few minor accidents here and there, but I escaped unscathed. It was pretty awesome cycling against the breeze and it kind of made me regret why didn’t I take up cycling earlier.

Random picture with Zing (:

Replenishing the liquids because it was so hot!

Despite the sunburns and the aching body, now I am proud to say, I can cycle now! 😀

Love, Vee