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Majorlica Majorca Workshop

So, I received an invitation from Yvettia here to join her for a Majorlica Majorca (MJ) make up workshop because she had 2 slots, and hence extended the invitation to me. She knows that I’d like to learn some new tips in make up and hence thought it’d be a good chance to expose me to a fine make up brand!

So off I was, learning make up tips from make up artists in Shiseido, and also learning how to accentuate my features slightly better! I enjoyed the session as the coach was a really funny person, and he was really friendly and ready to provide tips other than the daily make up that he was coaching in that day!

So I got to try out a whole range of MJ products, and I loved their Mascara which really gave my eyes an extra oomph! Oh and their blusher also gave a really natural glow to my tanned skin! I think their products are really worth a try!


So I left a little bit more makeup knowledge, and also a door gift of their Lip Gloss collection, and a cupcake by their sponsor ^^

And after the session, I stepped into H&M for the first time in my lifeeeeee! 😀

Okay I’m a noob, but it’s because I don’t like to go town because there’s always a crazy amount of people. But still okay I got really excited going into H&M for the first time and there’s all these accessories and clothes that caught my eye! I think I really need a shopping trip there soon haha 😀

Right, that’s all for now! Really enjoyed the night out with her and I had a lot of fun catching up and chatting with her (: I can’t wait to meet up with her and the other 4U girls soon! ^^

Love, Vee ❤