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Ask anybody, what do they think about when the word Orange is mentioned? They’d tell you it’s a colour. Ask a St Nicks girl, she’d probably tell you, it’s Orange Bowl (:

(Orange Bowl is a nickname for the fishball noodles in one of the stalls in our school canteen, named for the colour of the bowl that holds it)

This morning, I met up with my 4U lovelies for breakfast in SNGS since we were all craving for Orange Bowl, and had a really scrumptious breakfast!

One thing I loved about Orange Bowl was the “rap” everyone would chant for their order! We all seemed to have a default order that we’d all attempt to utter at one go at the fastest speed possible and sounded like a rapping competition!

Also Uncle Mobeen’s Iced Tea! Where can you find such delicious and yummy Iced Tea for only $1 for the size in the picture?

Honestly, I don’t know what’s so great about the noodles, except for the chilli. I guess the reason we all love it so much was the nostalgia it brought back with every bite. Really enjoyed catching up with the girls and reminiscing about the old times in SN (:

Also when we were ordering food in SN, the stall owners do remember who am I and would chat with us on how we are doing. I guess this is how it feels like to me, home. (:

Let’s do this again soon okay? ❤

Love, Vee ❤